Mom Must-Haves :: December 2017 Stocking Stuffer Idea For Her


Holiday shopping season is officially in full swing and City Moms Blog Network has got you covered with thoughtful stocking stuffer gift ideas for her. The best part? All of these ideas can be found on Amazon for quick and easy shipping!

Check out the stocking stuffer ideas that moms are sure to LOVE in our December issue of Mom Must-Haves!


Number one thing (aside from the kids) that a mom grabs before leaving the house? Her PHONE.  If you are an on-the-go mom and your battery is ALWAYS running low, this is for you.  The Apple Lightning Portable Charger is licensed by Apple, which means you only need to bring ONE cord along with you; just plug it into the portable charger and voila! more battery! And it’s not called lightning for nothing: it will fully charge your iPhone in ONE HOUR, and can provide up to 4 solid charges in one go, making it the perfect companion for long road trips and holiday visits!  Last, but most certainly not least, this charger is lightweight and compact (the size of an iPhone 6), which means it will fit RIGHT in your purse!



Who doesn’t love a cute mug in the morning? Or in the afternoon…or at midnight.  Whenever you’re enjoying your hot coffee/tea/cocoa, it’s always more fun with a colorful mug. This Quirky Mug is our personal favorite, and it’s the perfect addition to the top of a stocking on Christmas morning!



Remember when you were a kid and Grandma Barb or crazy Aunt Becky were always giving you a pair of socks? Well, now that we are all busy moms, I bet we are all wishing that Aunt Becky would show up at the door with a gift in her hand!  These soft, fuzzy Snoozie slipper socks are any mom’s dream.  Keep your toes warm (they are SHERPA lined!), look adorable, AND protect you from any stray Legos on the floor? Yes, please!


Who doesn’t need a little flair on their key ring? As moms, we are pretty much constantly grabbing those keys off the counter (or pulling them out of the bottom of our Cheerio-filled purses), so why not make them ADORABLE?  This leather tassel key chain makes a perfect stocking-stuffer because you don’t even have to wrap it up; just leave it hanging out of the top of the stocking for an extra-cute accessory!


The words “wireless” and “hands-free” are music to the modern mom’s ear, are they not? And speaking of music, you can now listen to it whenever you want, and if you happen to get a call in the middle of your favorite song, you can even answer (or ignore!) the call when your phone isn’t in your hands, because this wireless speaker has a built-in microphone, too! Compatible with all blue-tooth devices, including phones and tablets, within a 40 foot range.  Snag this one today, mamas!


These Kenzie luggage tags will brighten up any mom-gift this Holiday season. Whether you’re traveling the world, or just grabbing an extra backpack to take on a walk to the park, these tags will not only help you keep track of your bags (there’s plenty of space to write ALL of your information), but they also happen to be ADORABLE accessories for any bag.  P.S. they come in 2-packs, so you could gift one and keep one for yourself…just saying…


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