Mom Must-Reads :: Week of February 5


Want to know what other moms are reading about? We’ve pulled the top 5 posts from across our Sister Sites just for you!

Do Your Boobs Hang Low…

These ladies, are just some of the terms I have heard my girlfriends reference as of late when describing the current state of their breasts. I will actually claim responsibility for the last description as that is how I have now begun to feel about my own breasts. I often joke that instead of going south, they have decided to go east and west respectively.

What the Government Shutdown Means for Military Families

Like every government shutdown in the past, the biggest question for military families is, “How does this impact me?” So, we’ve done the research and compiled as many relevant answers as we can find.

To Kollage’s Mom :: I See You, I Hear You

I feel your heartache. You thought it was safe to go to work today. You thought it was going to be fine. After all, it’s only a few minutes away. I can imagine how much stress and angst you had making that decision to make the short drive to do what you needed to do to provide for your family. I can imagine the call you made to your work family to get their opinion. And again, my heart breaks even more.

Reclaim Your Identity: Don’t Let Your Old Clothes Dress the New You

On the last day of my maternity leave, I blankly stared at the clothes in my closet. I would return to work as the Morning Anchor for WISH-TV in Indianapolis the next morning and I had nothing to wear. It wasn’t about the fit (I, like many women, still had 15 pounds to lose). The problem was the clothes. They weren’t mine, at least they didn’t feel like it anymore.

I’ll Always Want Another Baby

I will be 35 in a few months. 35. The age I said I would be done having kids. Except I don’t know if I am. We’ve battled infertility, pregnancy loss, and high-risk pregnancies to build our little family. We have three amazing boys that we couldn’t love more. Our family doesn’t feel incomplete. I don’t “need” a girl, as so many people assume. I don’t have a set number of children that I have always wanted.

What were some of your favorite posts from our Sister Sites this week?


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