Mom Must Reads :: Week of Feb. 26


This week, our sister sites are discussing everything from fire safety, postpartum advice for new moms and teaching boys it’s OK to cry. Check-out posts moms across the country are reading!

Surprising Post-Partum Advice You Need

I am now past the halfway mark on my 4th pregnancy of my 6th child. In case you are doing the math, one of the pregnancies is a set of triplets. With “so many” kids and pregnancies I have a unique birth and postpartum history.

The Invisible Struggles of My Son: What the World Does Not See

Yet, I’m here because he’s struggling. We’re struggling — as a family, as parents, and as people. We’ve heard some scary terms being tossed around lately, with whispers of school dismissal, 1:1 aids, and insurance benefits. We worry if his issues will be classified as a diagnosis and if we’ll receive adequate coverage to help him. Will our insurance company care that he has trouble maintaining friendships?

This Is NOT Us : Fire Safety 101

If you’re not caught up on the latest ‘This Is Us episode’ DO NOT READ the following section – scroll down to the fire safety guide by my girl Jenna to avoid any spoilers! If you are caught up – OHHHHH GOODNESS JACKKKK WHYYYYY!!!????

A Letter to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a heart-warming holiday filled with flowers, chocolate and candlelit dinners. Our kids get excited about sharing valentines with their classmates. We try to decide if these valentines will be store-bought or Pinterest-worthy.

Big Boys Don’t Cry and Other Lies We Tell Our Sons

“You’re a big boy now. Big boys don’t cry.” Someone spoke these words to my son, on his fifth birthday. In the car the following day, another person said the same thing. I didn’t know how to react the first time, besides shock. It’s 2018, and this is still a thing?! But the second time? My mama bear claws came out in full force, and I spoke up.

What were some of your favorite posts from our Sister Sites this week?


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