Mom Must-Reads :: Week of March 12


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It’s a Baby Year: There Are No Rules and The Points Don’t Matter

The year following the birth of a baby must have its own name and its own set of expectations. In my family, it is known as The Baby Year. (Capitalized, revered, and always uttered with a touch of fear.) Each time my husband and I went through a Baby Year, we overcame the guilt, rationalized our shortcomings, and excused the chaos in our lives by 1) naming it and 2) letting it go.

The Invisible Baby Weight

I stand in front of the mirror, marveling over the soft pouch my babies have left me. I grimace and catch my face in the mirror, too. Even my eyes look heavy. It all looks heavy. The scale hasn’t changed all that much. But the heaviness? It’s there somehow. At two years postpartum, I still don’t feel quite like myself.

Can We Please Change the “Invite Everyone” Rule?

If you have a school-aged child, you are probably already aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to birthday party invitations. Really, there’s only one — DO invite EVERY child, and DON’T bring invitations unless there’s one for everyone.

Don’t Call It a Vacation: Mistakes I’ve Made Traveling With a Toddler

When our son was four months old, we got him a passport. He was still totally bald and I had to guess on a hair color for his application. (I guessed wrong, by the way.) By the time he turned two, we’d been on lots of trips–including a few international ones–as a family.

We’ll Never be “Done”

My husband hurriedly snapped the obligatory pictures of me in the wheelchair holding our newborn as we were wheeled out of the hospital. It was freezing, and we were eager to get into the warm van.

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