Mom Must Reads :: Week of November 26


Want to know what other moms are reading about? We’ve pulled the top 5 posts from across our Sister Sites just for you!

Fireplace Safety with Kids: Our Story

We have never turned on the fireplaces in our new home. I obsessively check all fireplaces in friends’ homes or Air BNBs. I love a fire on a cool night as much as the next, but I am haunted by the daily reminders of those two seconds of ignorance. Hopefully, our painful lesson can prevent you from experiencing the same.

This Wasn’t What I Had Planned

Maybe like me, it has made you stronger, made you more grateful, made you hug your kids tighter, made you cling to your faith. Maybe it simply has taught you that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS. Sometimes recognizing that fact alone is enough.

3 Hurtful Things You’re Saying to Adoptive Parents (Without Even Realizing It)

The crazy thing is, I seem to struggle more these days with “educating” those closest to me. Our daughter has been home for almost two years, and while I’ve endured some really shocking questions from strangers, some of the most hurtful and hard-to-navigate questions have actually come from friends and family that I love.

Motherhood in a “Girl Wash Your Face” World

So girl – you probably really should wash your face because I think there are many benefits to doing so.  Heck, you should probably even read the book because she has a lot of great things to say. But if you are like me and feel like you’re constantly coming up un-ambitious, then know that you are not alone. You can have big goals and dreams, but you can also rest in this moment with your little goals and dreams fulfilled. You can choose to ride the waves of this season of life without needing more than exactly what you have. You can be content with where your life is. 

Hindsight:  The Importance of Scattered Legos and Coffee Dates

It’s so easy to let a few moments frame our day, make us forget our worth, doubt our loving intentions. To any mother that loves her kids endlessly and needs to hear these words, you are NOT a horrible mom. You are wonderful, important, and real. 

Even if you need to peace out for a moment and hide the good booze in your closet. 

What were some of your favorite posts from our Sister Sites this week?


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