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Want to know what other moms are reading about? We’ve pulled the top 5 posts from across our Sister Sites just for you!

How to Purge Your Junk and Get Organized This Fall

An hour later, he came up with an old yellow lamp with ‘SHS Dance’ in green puff paint from my high school years (cue tears of laughter). That’s when reality hit. I gritted my teeth because I knew we had to do something about the piles of junk in this house. I mean, why on EARTH do I still have tubs of stuff from high school?! With “the look” from my husband, I decided it was time to purge our home.

The Homebound Mama: Trapped by the Nap

Up until this point, the three of us had been happily skipping all over town during the day. We went to story hours, hung out at the library, participated in classes, swung by the gym, and ran errands. The toddler stayed entertained (aka generally well-behaved), the little one snoozed in his car seat, and I felt like Kate Winslet at the bow of the Titanic.  But then everything changed…

The Dreaded Drop-Off: Separation Anxiety

My first thought when reading it was, “Phew, thank God my son doesn’t do that.” Cut to me, three months later, with my screaming son at daycare drop-off. The teacher is peeling him off of me as he reaches for me with sadness in his eyes. I will never be that cocky mom again. Ever.

My Journey with PCOS:  A Hidden Hormonal Disorder

I graduated high school, and finally had my first gynecology appointment. That’s when my lack of periods and abnormal hair hormones imbalance with PCOS growth finally had a diagnosis and a name – Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. An ultra sound revealed the tiny cysts that made a ring around my ovaries like a string of pearls. That didn’t sound so bad, but I then learned it could cause infertility in the long run and a host of other issues. I was prescribed birth control pills to ensure I had a monthly visitor and every other visit my blood was drawn to check the amount of glucose and cholesterol in my system. It was typically in check because I have always eaten healthy and made exercise a part of my routine, but I was now more certain to keep this going.

I Wear A Hijab And This Is What I Want You To Know

I still remember that rainy fall afternoon when I walked out with my hijab (headscarf) for the first time. Covering up was one of the biggest and most important decisions of my life. It was extremely LIBERATING for me.

What were some of your favorite posts from our Sister Sites this week?


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