Mom Must Reads :: Week of September 24th


Want to know what other moms are reading about? We’ve pulled the top 5 posts from across our Sister Sites just for you!

My Experience With Childhood Cancer and Ways You Can Help

Before Caleb was diagnosed with leukemia, I never thought any of my kids would get cancer, and I had the luxury of believing childhood cancer is very rare.

The truth is that no one with a kid with cancer thinks it will happen to them, it does not discriminate, and there is no way to predict which children will get it.  It’s almost impossible to prevent it and it isn’t as rare as many think.

Your Big Kid Still Needs a Booster (Yes, Really!)

Children who are riding using only a seat belt before it fits them properly are at significantly increased risk of injury and death -around 60% higher.

My Child Went Viral on the Internet

We’ve all seen the videos. You know the ones with a little kid getting into mischief or saying something funny. They have millions of views and thousands of comments and shares. You’ve probably watched these videos in the carpool line as you mindlessly scroll through your phone. Maybe you’ve tagged your spouse in the video or shared it for your friends. But have you ever thought about the stories behind these videos or the families they belong to? Probably not. Have you ever clicked on the comment section to see what everyone is talking about? Not likely. At least I never had. Until one day I did.

Waiting with Baited Breath: My 9/11 Story

Her voice was frantic. She asked me if I had seen what happened in New York. I told her I saw it on the news, and it looked crazy.

And then she shouted, “Your brother is in there!” 

Why You Don’t Need Rachel Hollis To Tell You To Wash Your Face

I realize now that I already KNOW this. I already know that I have the power to find happiness, that my dreams are worth the fight, and that I only need to be a better version of myself tomorrow.” So girl, splash some water on your face and look yourself in the eye and repeat after me: “I’ve got this.”

What were some of your favorite posts from our Sister Sites this week?


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