MOM POLL: What Holiday Mom Are You?


What Holiday Mom Are You?

Ever wonder what type of holiday mom you are? Do you love crafting or are you struggling to get into the holiday spirit? Answer a few simple questions and discover your Holiday Alter-Ego!

What Holiday Mom Are You?

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How involved are you at your child’s school?

1. I’m all about bringing the sweets!
2. PTO board member
3. I show up for the major events.
4. I get my child on the bus – isn’t that enough?
5. Homeroom parent
Question 2 of 6.

How much do you decorate?

1. Fully adorned tree and lighted snow village inherited from grandma, while we eat homemade cookies.
2. Drag a pre-lit tree out of the basement.
3. Sandy beach, anyone?
4. Invite all my friends over for a decorating party.
5. Tree and a strand of lights on the front porch.
Question 3 of 6.

How do you wrap gifts?

1. The gift of gathering is gift enough!
2. Quickly, so I can get back to holiday baking!
3. Such a commercial racket – I refuse to participate.
4. Doesn’t everyone pay the workers at the store to do that?
5. Every gift in a different paper, lovingly tied up with a beautiful bow.
Question 4 of 6.

What’s your favorite holiday treat?

1. Tequila!
2. Anything in the shape of a reindeer or snowman – the cuter, the better.
3. Progressive dinner – it’s more about the people than the food.
4. Eggnog – easy peasy!
5. Homemade sugar cookies – in the kitchen all day, baby!
Question 5 of 6.

What’s your favorite holiday movie?

1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
2. Home Alone
3. A Christmas Story
4. It’s a Wonderful Life
5. The Grinch
Question 6 of 6.

What’s your favorite holiday activity?

1. Gathering family and friends at my house
2. Crafting!
3. Baking all. the. things.
4. Holidays, schmolidays.
5. Whatever I can complete in five minutes or less.

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What Holiday Mom Are You?

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