MOM POLL: Where Should Your Next Family Vacation Be?


Where Should Your Next Family Vacation Be?

Where Should Your Next Family Vacation Be?

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My timeframe is:

1. As long as I want. I make my own schedule.
2. Flexible.
3. Not sure – give me some options.
4. A few days.
5. A week.
6. A weekend.
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Moving from place to place during vacation is:

1. Fun in an RV.
2. Overrated – one lounge chair is all I need.
3. Unnecessary. Everything I need should be within a few blocks.
4. Amazing – the beauty is in the journey.
5. Efficient – I like to cover lots of ground.
6. Awesome! If only I could wake up in a new country every day…
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My travel budget is:

1. Sizable. Show me the goods.
2. I want a fixed price to see a lot of stuff.
3. Flexible. Depends what I do.
4. What budget? This trip better be pretty close to free.
5. A little tight – help me out!
6. I’ve been saving for a special getaway.
Question 4 of 6.

When I’m vacationing, I want to:

1. Eat great food, see great shows, repeat.
2. See everything in the guidebook.
3. See how many books I can read.
4. Sit in one place and watch the world pass by.
5. Hike until I drop.
6. Learn about other cultures.
Question 5 of 6.

As I’m falling asleep, I want to hear:

1. Ocean breezes and crashing waves.
2. Air conditioning and the crackling of crisp white linens.
3. Waves washing onto sand.
4. White noise
5. People speaking a foreign language outside my open window.
6. Birds, crickets and the sound of leaves rustling.
Question 6 of 6.

I plan to travel with:

1. Several families.
2. My family.
3. My spouse.
4. Myself.
5. Friends.
6. Extended family.

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Where Should Your Next Family Vacation Be?

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