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With much of the country in the thick of winter, that means one thing for Northern moms:  snow days.  And snow days = cooped up, bored, out-of-control kiddos.  If you’re a Southern mama, you may not be watching snowflakes out the window, but there are plenty of cooler temps, and sometimes a thunderstorm or two (can we say “tornado season”?).  It is easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed, or desperate when you’re stuck at home with multiple kids (or even one kid!) for more than a day or two. 

At City Moms Blog Network, we want to make this winter season just a bit easier with our Mom’s Guide To Indoor Activities, so you can find some fun, new, and (key word) SIMPLE things to do on those home-bound days.   Along with our Sister Sites, we have compiled a guide full of all things indoor-activities, and we hope you have a BLAST doing them with your own family.

Our Favorite Play-Dough Recipe

Play-dough is one of those classic hands-on activities for rainy/snowy/cold days when you want to keep the kiddos playing and thinking instead of sitting in front of the TV. While it’s always super easy to buy play-dough, I think making it is a fun, affordable way to turn it into a two-part learning experience by getting the kids involved in the process.

Simple Activities to Save Your Sanity When Snowed In

Thankfully, the blizzard fell short of its dramatic expectations, but we still had a blast trying out these snowy activities.  

10 Ways To Entertain Kids in the Middle of Winter

As winter continues to linger on, I’ve found myself having to get creative in finding ways to entertain my rambunctious almost-two year old. Here are my top 10 activities that I’ve come up with to stave of the stir-crazies.

6 Fun Science Experiments for Kids

So grab your lab coats and safety goggles, because here we go, my 6 favorite science experiments for big kids.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Snow Sensory Activity

While I do enjoy seeing the snow through my daughters eyes, I myself do not enjoy the “Great Outdoors.” Especially when the air makes my face hurt. So, I came up with a snow sensory activity: something fun that would curb her appetite for snow angels, while still having the opportunity to play “in” the snow. 

Fun With Marshmallows: 3 Easy & Entertaining Activities

While I’m not against enjoying marshmallows as an occasional summertime treat, I wanted to take my children’s new found interest a little bit further. So, I did a little research and discovered a few fun and easy kid-friendly activities that feature marshmallows.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

When those rainy days approach you can almost smell the sense of panic in the air of moms everywhere as they ask themselves: “What on earth am I going to do to keep the kids occupied ALL day long?” The day quickly becomes a combination of fending off snack requests every 3 milliseconds and resisting the urge to just let them blankly stare at the technology trifecta: the TV, IPad and computer. Below are a few ideas that will help you get through those days when the clouds (and rain, and thunder, and hail) roll in.

Messy Play for Yucky Days

If you know the kind of day I mean, read on, because there is hope for yucky days! A few basic ingredients and you can keep your little one occupied and provide that all important sensory stimulation we sometimes miss when cooped up indoors.

5 Rainy and Cold Weather Day Activities to Combat Boredom

So what do you do to combat those boredom blues? Here are five fun rainy and cold weather day activities you can do with your kids to make those boring days turn into exciting days!

My Favorite Indoor Activities When It’s Too Cold to Leave the House

When it’s too blasted cold outside, or when you’re still feeling that laziness, that’s when it’s time to try a new indoor activity and get creative with your kiddos.

5 Inside Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained

We’ve had a lot of winter weather this week which leaves me and my preschooler with a little cabin fever! The usual toys and activities are getting boring and we’re both finding ourselves looking for something new to do! So I’m getting a little creative this week with 5 inside activities to keep your kids entertained!

DIY: Homemade Play-Dough

One of our favorite DIY activities is homemade play dough! Homemade play dough smells better, keeps longer, and just comes out better! The best part ais that it’s two activities in one! The kids can help you whip up a batch and then have a blast playing with it as well! We always have the ingredients on hand to make a fresh batch just using items in our kitchen.

No Time for Pinterest?  4 Indoor Activities Kids Love

What indoor activities keep your kiddos busy and engaged?

Stuck Inside? Let’s Play!  

As you prepare for Winter, how can you get ready for those long days spent inside with the kids? Without a plan, it is inevitable that they will end up mindlessly swiping the tablet, watching TV, and playing video games. I admit it. I’ve done it. The day has gone by and I’ve been involved in some very important project and before I know it, I realize the children have spent nearly all day (not the recommended 2 hours) on some type of screen.

20 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Inside With Kids

If you are stuck inside and can’t find something to keep your toddler or preschooler occupied besides Paw Patrol, here are a few ideas that don’t require a lot of money or creativity.

5 Fun Science Experiments  

Have you attempted Science experiments with your children? Which ones were fun and successful? Which ones failed or weren’t worth repeating?

Why You Need a Water Table (And 10 Fun Things to Do With It)

Water tables don’t need to be fancy or expensive, or even originally intended to be used as sand & water tables. We often use a large plastic tub that was designed for under the bed storage for sand play. So grab a bin or your water table and try one of these fun activities.

Keeping Busy Inside:  20 Activities for Kids

Whether you are stuck inside because of the AZ summer heat or a midwest winter storm, this list can help you and the kids keep busy inside and have some FUN!  

Easy Peasy Sensory Fun

I start to cringe at the thought of my children being cooped up indoors, scaling the walls of the house and not having as many of those stimulating sensory experiences that summer time offers. Have no fear mama friends! Don’t pack away those water tables just yet! Rinse them out, bring them inside and let’s get our fun on! It’s time for some easy peasy sensory fun that will keep your kids busy for HOURS…I’m NOT kidding.

Keeping Little Hands Busy When You’re Cooped Up

I hope that these ten easy activities will keep your kiddos’ hands busy and that they buy you mamas a few extra minutes in the bathroom alone!  

Playdough and More Homemade Fun

The frigid winter weather often means being stuck indoors and with a toddler, that can spell trouble for everyone involved. These homemade play ideas will help you both beat the winter blues.

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