Moms Know More (Than When Their Baby Last Pooped)!

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When you leave the hospital with your newborn, you’re armed with an arsenal of helpful items. Besides the extra diapers and that magical numbing spray, our favorite thing was the checklist to keep track of everything baby. It put our minds at ease to have an easy way to know when our little one last ate, slept, peed and yes, pooped. In the days and months that followed, the list became less necessary as I became an expert on my baby. My life was consumed with diapers, breast pumps, bottles and spit up.  But surprisingly, through all of that and then again a short time later with our second baby, my brain didn’t turn to mush. It may have taken a break for a while, but us moms do have brains…and pretty good ones at that.

Moms DO Know More

In a former life, I was a straight-A student. I graduated both high school and college with honors and went on to start a fairly successful career. I managed a business, created programs, led a staff and then moved on to teach 5th grade. I’m now a stay-at-home mom, author and freelance writer.  And my brain is nowhere near as strong as many other moms I know.

It turns out, along with knowing when our baby last pooped, we know a lot of other things. At my last dinner out with my girlfriends, our conversation shifted from our kids to politics. Yes, we know a thing or two about this topic. And you better believe we have an opinion. In fact, I may venture to say we know more than others because we are making decisions that will impact our children’s futures.  

And let me tell you a little more about my mom friends. They own businesses – which they started from scratch. They’re accountants, entrepreneurs, experts and leaders. They can potty train and conference call at the same time. Their brains have the capability of going from wiping bottoms to bottom lines in a matter of minutes. They choose to use their brains for both motherhood and adulthood – which can, in fact, coexist.

It turns out, along with knowing when our baby last pooped, we know a lot of other things.

Learning & Growing

It seems society forgets that moms have a brain that includes more than our children. Yes, they occupy quite a bit, but we thrive on being well rounded. I personally love challenging myself outside of parenthood and I think my children are better for it. If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that I have to be open to learning and growing. And that includes learning about my children and myself.

The next time you’re chatting with a mom, ask her about her kids. How are they sleeping? Is he over that virus? How does she like soccer? But then ask her more.  Ask about her business, politics and opinions – because she has some. And sure, go ahead and ask the last time her baby pooped…because she knows that too.

Tell us: What are some things YOU love to do, aside from being a mom?

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Andrea is a native Cincinnatian who has lived, learned and worked all over the city, including obtaining her degree in education at Miami University. She and her husband have settled in Northern Kentucky with their son, Aiden and baby girl, Audrey. They didn’t exactly plan all of the “A” names, but it allows them to keep the family nickname – the A-Team. Andrea is an elementary school teacher, but is on a leave of absence right now to be home with her kids. Her days are filled with entertaining her babies, taking way too many pictures on her phone and changing a lot of diapers. Thanks to recent open-heart surgery, she has an aortic valve that ticks (like a clock!), She has ornithophobia (Google it) and loves photography on her “real” camera, playing outside and pretending she’s a good enough chef to have her own cooking show. Andrea turned to writing/blogging in order to document her family’s journey to better health and as motivation to keep herself on track. She has been a contributor with Cincinnati Moms Blog since 2015 and you can also find her guest contributing to Cincinnati Parent Magazine. You can read more about her personal journey at


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