Moms in the Know: Facebook Launches “Digital Families Community Events”


At City Moms Blog Network, we celebrate the ability to connect with millions of moms from across the country with the aid of technology. We are proud to share our stories, to unite our network of Sister Sites, and to create an encouraging and supportive place for the moms in our communities through various social media channels.

Our network has seen firsthand that when used appropriately, our access to this type of technology can be incredibly beneficial. As mothers, though, we are keenly aware of the ways in which technology also has the ability to complicate life – most specifically, the lives of our children. Oftentimes, we are navigating uncharted territory as we introduce our children to the wide world of technology without the benefit of advice from a mom who’s been there before or the teachings from a longstanding and well-respected book to fall back on. If asked, we are confident that many moms in this tech-connected world would admit that they could use a little help in ensuring that our children are appropriately educated about tech-related challenges such as bullying, digital safety, and literacy. As more and more children are going online, the need to ensure that they are properly educated about their own safety becomes even more imperative.

City Moms Blog Network had the unique opportunity to speak directly with Facebook’s Global Head of Safety this week to discuss recent initiatives to educate parents about how to talk to their children about their safety online. Earlier today, Facebook formally announced a brand new collaboration with National PTA which aims to provide families with information and tools to help facilitate important conversations about technology with their children. Together, Facebook and National PTA will conduct 200 “Digital Families Community Events” in all 50 states, which will offer parents research-backed practices and tools on the topics of bully prevention, digital literacy, news literacy and online safety. City Moms Blog Network is absolutely THRILLED to hear this news. In facilitating this change, Facebook is ensuring that parents have the resources they need to appropriately guide their children through this previously uncharted territory.

City Moms Blog Network is particularly excited to hear that 200 individual communities from all 50 states will be involved in this discussion. This hyper-local approach will allow for parents in diverse communities from across the country to be involved in the conversation and will ensure that we all may benefit from some added advice regarding how to manage technology in our own families. In fact, any PTA can apply now for a grant to host their own event! Event hosts will receive special training in online safety so that they may serve as tech-safety ambassadors in their own communities. This parent-to-parent guidance will ensure that caretakers are able to lean on each other, promoting the flow of this information and giving us all the confidence we need when discussing tech-safety with our kids!

Join us in celebrating this exciting new partnership and in sharing this news with your own communities. If you or someone you know is involved with your local PTA and would be interested in hosting your own Digital Families Community Event, we encourage you to apply! Visit to learn more.

For more information about Facebook’s ongoing and existing options regarding teaching tech-safety to your children, visit: