Moving & Motherhood :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 41


Moms face an enormous box to unpack of emotions for themselves and their children

Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Susan Miller – speaker, author and founder of Just Moved Ministries. Susan’s passion is bringing hope and encouragement to women who are uprooted by a move, or any major life change.

From discussing how to prepare children for a move, to how moving can affect a marriage we’re digging deep. Susan and her family have moved fourteen times, how many times have you moved? 

Episode 41 :: Show Notes

Episode 41 :: About Our Guest


Susan is a popular speakernationally and internationally, at women’s events, conferences, churches, corporate venues, and with the military.

Susan is the author of the timeless book, After the Boxes are Unpacked: Moving On After Moving In, as well as But Mom, I Don’t Want to Move, and My Journey: an in-depth Journal for Movers. All are available at

She has been a guest on many radio and streaming programs, and has hosted her own radio talk show, Just Moved! She has been a guest on numerous television talk shows, and is frequently asked to write articles and blogs on moving.

Just Moved is a global, non-profit organization that offers many resources and emotional and spiritual support to women who have moved or facing other life transitions. Just Moved resources and study materials are in demand in churches, neighborhoods, seminaries, military installations and corporations that want to reach out, and encourage the uprooted woman and her family.

Susan and her family moved fourteen times. She is a mother of two, a grandmother of six and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. (She is an avid kick-boxer, loves riding Harley’s, and craves Starbucks!)

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