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If you know somebody who is going through something, just show up. BECAUSE I GUARANTEE that’s what they want, but they don’t know how to ask for it.

Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Kim Adams, owner of Northern Colorado Moms Blog and the author of a very popular social media post.

In a recent, vulnerable moment, Kim posted that she is going through a hard season of life, and that she really needed to talk to a friend.  During the phone call, that friend asked her what she needed most, and Kimberly told the truth: she didn’t want to be alone.  Without skipping a beat, the friend responded, “I’m on my way”.

Episode 47 :: Show Notes

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Episode 47 :: About Our Guest


My name is Kim Adams, and I’m the Owner + Founder of Northern Colorado Moms Blog! I am also a single mom to a high-energy 3.5 year old boy named Warren and I work full-time as an Implementation Manager.

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