How has your life changed in the past year?

Seattle was home to the first reported Covid-19 death in the United States on Feb. 29, 2020. Within a month, the WHO had declared a pandemic and the US declared Covid-19 as a national emergency. 

That’s when life as we knew it changed. 

Who knew toilet paper would be worth more than paper money? That liquor manufacturers would shift to making hand sanitizer the way car companies pivoted to airplanes in World War II? That Clorox wipes and rice and yeast would be rationed, if you could find them at all? 

Who could have predicted that schools would shift to online learning with little to no warning or preparation? That shops and businesses would suddenly close their doors?

Expectations vs. Reality

Last spring, I remember thinking, “OK… We can do this school shutdown thing. No problem. Give the world a couple of weeks to sort this out. Half of the shutdown time will be spring break, anyway!”

Spring break came and went. Then the rest of the school year. Then summer. And fall. And winter. 

Some schools are still remote. Some businesses are still at reduced capacity or shuttered. More than half a million people have died and many more have been sick. Doctors, nurses, first responders and others have been running on adrenaline for months. Hardworking people have lost their jobs. 

You know how they say that your fears are usually worse than reality? In this case, reality was more crushing than most of us ever could have imagined. 

A year later, many of us still are keeping distance from friends and family and it is tough! If you’re as tired as I am, hang in there. We’re in this together and light finally seems to be peeking out from behind the clouds.

With heartache comes hope. 

Bright Spots

In spite of itself, the pandemic has provided some opportunities for learning and growth. 

Businesses have adapted, offering carryout, curbside and delivery of everything. 

Many of us now know what our kids do at school each day and have a renewed appreciation for teachers. (Oh my goodness — thank you for what you do everyday, teachers!) Our kids might also now have an inkling of what we do everyday. Most of us are more tech savvy than we were a year ago. 

And… we have taken a fresh look at our priorities. 

What have you discovered matters most to you? Working harder to make more money and retire earlier? Spending more time with family and friends? Keeping your house and/or life simpler? 

I hope over this past year, you have made some memories with your family and have gotten to know yourself just a tiny bit better.

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