Poised and Planned: A Guide to the Best Planners for Busy Moms!

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I sort of chuckle at the word poised.  Now that a little one’s schedule dominates my own, it is (more than) difficult to feel poised and ready for the week ahead. But with a new year, let’s encourage a new you! 

Top Planner Picks

Here’s a run-down of helpful, yet glamorous planners to keep our mommy brains straight:

May Books – Sleek and simple, these agendas can be customized to fit your needs and won’t break the bank. Lots of personalization choices, including a front cover pattern and monogram, weekly or daily inside pages, and date or no date calendars.  This site also offers notebooks for just about anything else you can dream up, including: bump diary, meal planner, budget journal, fitness log, coloring pages for kids and much more!

PlumPaperDesigns – I am always on the lookout for a good Etsy find! BINGO! This cute shop offers a family style planner that allows you to create tabs for each member of the family.  For those with busy tots on the go you can easily keep up with soccer practice, PTA night, and park play dates.  Could this be your secret weapon for being the always-on-time mom?

Erin Condren– The Life Planner by Erin Condren is a huge hit among busy women everywhere! Let your organizational and artistic side indulge on this site that allows you to accessorize a planner to your hearts content.  I’m talking zipper pouches, colored pens, and OH MY the stickers!  If you are looking to go all out for this school year’s planner, you’ve found a great match here.

Emily Ley’s Simplified Planners – If you want to be the hippest mom on the block, then look no further than these hot off the press planners. Emily Ley’s fresh, simplistic inside pages will make organization easy while the glitzy, gold outside offers stylish flare.   Snag one of these at a local boutique or online.  Side note – her site also offers an organizational tool called The Home Base Binder, an excellent investment in keeping your household in tip top shape.

Simplified Planner App – Calling all digital loving mamas! If you’re like me, your paper planner ends up left in your desk at work, at the bottom of your purse, or under a seat in the back of your car.  I can’t keep up with my planner even with the best of intentions.  What I do have attached to my hand at all times?  MY PHONE!  This app allows you all the glorious organization from Emily Ley’s above mentioned Simplified Planner, but on your phone.

We have to know: what kind of planner are YOU using right now?

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