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I was a week postpartum and I was walking around Nordstrom Rack trying to figure out something to wear for our newborn photos. I wanted them to be beautiful but I didn’t feel beautiful. I missed my old body and I longed for sleep. I ended up going with a light blue blouse and a pair of maternity jeans. Knowing getting my body back was going to take a while and that I needed to give myself grace I decided to do things differently this time around.

After my first daughter I suffered from postpartum depression and got stuck in a rut. I knew I wanted to, needed to do things differently after having my second, so I did. I took better care of myself, started working out when my second was 3 months old and changed the way I viewed my body. Our bodies are a vessel for the most beautiful gift! Instead of hating my postpartum body I embraced it. Having gone through this before I knew there were a lot of stages ahead of me and that staying hopeful was essential. I also believe that when I looked good, I felt good. I created a “mom life” wardrobe that was adaptable and stylish. I wanted to keep my style among the spit up!

My Mom Uniform

Can I be blunt here? My boobs were everywhere those first few months and I searched high and low for the perfect nursing shirts! I failed a few times and then I finally stumbled upon this little gem at Nordstrom’s!!! It was an answer to prayers! This plain white tee made by Halogen gives the perfect amount of stretch to accommodate nursing! A little pull down from this open v neck and I was able to nurse without pulling my shirt up and I felt like I had impeccable style! I think I bought one in every color and the best part is that I still wear these same tops today even though I’m done nursing. They didn’t stretch out or loose their shape!

Add Statement Pieces

Statement jewelry was my thing and still is! I love adding it to everyday outfits. While I was getting my body back I wore it as a way to feel stylish and put together. I loved that it was a distraction from my post baby body! Statement necklaces drew the eye up, away from my post baby bump that hadn’t quite gone away yet. I also loved stacking bracelets on my wrists, these were nice for days that I wore my baby instead of using the stroller. If you aren’t into big pieces, get creative and layer a few dainty necklaces.

Our bodies are a vessel for the most beautiful gift! Instead of hating my postpartum body I embraced it… I created a “mom life” wardrobe that was adaptable and stylish. I wanted to keep my style among the spit up!

Black Jeans & Leggings

To keep my style among the spit up I built many outfits around a pair of black jeans or black leggings. Black is so slimming! Finding a good pair of leggings that is reliable, not see through, sturdy and washable took a couple tries! The Zella leggings at Nordstrom are my go-to. They are technically workout gear but I think I’ve only worked out once in them. They have two different kinds. High waisted and regular. The high waisted were really nice right after birth. They held everything in! I still wear the regular all the time! My jeans secret is…Paige Transcend Jeans! They are so soft, and the fabric has a slight stretch to it making them so comfortable!

Style Among The Spit Up Even With Trendy Pieces

Every season new trends hit the streets. Keeping your style among the spit up can be easy if you pick one or two of your favorite trends and incorporate them into your wardrobe. For me it was white jeans and off the shoulder tops. A good pair of white jeans can be tough to find. I wanted a fabric that gave a little, people couldn’t see through and just really looked good! I found this NYDJ pair and have been wearing them weekly. If white jeans and off the shoulder tops aren’t your thing I want to encourage you to try the trend you really like! Just go for it!

I’m a year out from having my second daughter. It’s been a long year but one of the best! Her sweetness and sassy personality have shined above all the life changes. Have fun with your style, embrace the changes but don’t hide behind them. Remember you’re worth it!  Don’t loose yourself among the spit, keep your style among the spit up.

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What are some of your favorite post baby fashion tips?

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