Potty Training :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 42


It’s such a humbling thing. It gave me such a perspective on humankind…we have all done it, and someone has taught us. Someone humbled themselves enough to come down to our level, as two and three-year olds and teach us to wipe our bottoms. 

We’re going there – POTTY TRAINING! Join Stephanie and Michelle as they discuss a true milestone of parenting. From books, to methods, to unconventional tips, they’re discussing the good, the bad and the dirty!

This episode is filled with the voices of veteran moms that have been there, done that – potty trained and lived to tell the tales! Join us for a lighthearted episode to round out this season of the Just Add Sprinkles: Celebrating Motherhood Podcast. We’ll be back in September with brand new shows!

Episode 42 :: Show Notes

Potty Training Tools ::

Travel Potty

Oxo Potty

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