Pretty Perfect Packages


What’s the number one thing our attendees at our City Moms Blog Network’s 2016 Sister Site Conference wanted? Time to connect with one another? Yes. Amazing swag? Of course!. Time to learn about how to grow their business in their local community? Absolutely. But I think I can speak for all attendees that the number one thing we all looked forward to was…

Time alone. A chance to sleep in. A chance to not have to make a bed or clean up after other people. And a chance to just be alone and eat chocolate.

Enter: Pretty Perfect Packages.

Thanks to Pretty Perfect Packages, each attendee was greeted with a beautifully wrapped box full of treats for the weekend: cute hair ties so our mamas could pull up their hair and take a nice warm bath after our long days, delicious chocolate and Gummy Panda’s provided by Bissinger’s Chocolatier, and a bottle of Voss water so no mom had to take out a small loan to afford those bottled waters provided by the hotel. It was the perfect way to welcome our guests to the conference and let them know that they were in for a weekend of getting special treatment.

Pretty Perfect Packages does just that – they provide pre-packaged or customized gift boxes for all the people you want to make feel special. The mom down the street with twins, the babysitter, the corporate client, the bridesmaid or groomsman, the new homeowner, or 100 women gathering at a conference…Pretty Perfect Packages provides carefully crafted gift boxes for everyone in your life you want to celebrate. And if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can work with a dedicated team member to create a custom box (starting at $100). All packages are shipped USPS Priority Mail from their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, so you can rest assured that your gifts will arrive fresh and can be tracked along the way.

Celebrating Our Sisterhood

At City Moms Blog Network, we believe in celebrating each other and finding ways to bring joy into the lives of others. We believe in going above and beyond to make people feel appreciated, and we love that we’ve found a business to partner with who has the same mission. Thank you Pretty Perfect Packages for helping us celebrate and pamper our moms!

It looks like it worked!!

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