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In terms of identifying the biggest mistakes, they are really really simple fixes. Mistake number 1 is that parents are told they need to teach their baby the difference between their days and their nights by making sure they have sunlight coming into their room during the daytime nap. That is not correct!

Join Stephanie and Kylee, founder of Back To Basics Parenting in New York City and a contributing writer for, as they discuss sleep training tips and answer commonly asked questions.

Episode 6 :: Show Notes

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Episode 6 :: Guest

Kylee Sallak, Back To Basics Parenting Founder

Kylee Sallak is the Founder of Back To Basics Parenting in New York City and a contributing writer for She has specialized in newborn through 5-year-old sleep and behavior issues for 16 years. Her emphasis is on giving parents the tools to feel empowered as they make the day-in and day-out parenting choices especially pertaining to sleep hygiene and behavior modification. The overall premise of Back To Basics Parenting, is that happy parents raise happy children, and Kylee brings the issue of managing parental happiness to the forefront of the conversation with all of her clients. The biggest misconception in parenting today, is that setting appropriate boundaries means you aren’t loving your child. Kylee teaches parents how to honor yourself as well as your children with loving boundaries in place.

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