Rewriting Your Path To Motherhood


I truly wish I could say my path to motherhood was filled with more tears of joy than tears of sadness. I wish I could tell you about a picture-perfect chain of events that led me to pee on a stick and have it light up with smiley faces or blue lines, however that didn’t happen for me – in either of my healthy pregnancies. 

After struggles with infertility that required the help of needles, blood work and IUIs to conceive my son, followed by two devastating miscarriages before conceiving my daughter, my path to motherhood wasn’t at all what I had thought it would be. But you know what, I’m OK with it.

Rewriting Your Story

I had a REALLY hard time accepting my path. I mourned the loss of the spontaneous baby-making experience we didn’t have and felt robbed of the intimacy of what this life-changing event was supposed to be. And to be real, I was jealous. Every story I heard of couples just one day waking up pregnant pinged at my heart. I never resented them, it just deepened my sadness about my own journey.

But over time, that ping has lessened. As years have passed, the how has become far less important than the who.

Looking at my handsome 6-year old boy and darling 3-year old daughter, I wouldn’t change a single chapter. It’s my story. Unedited and raw as it might be, it’s what led me to love my children fiercely, strengthened the bond with my husband, and set the stage for many, many more chapters to come.

Make your story your own and tell it in your own voice, as it has and will define the most important role you could ever play – mom.

In Time, Embrace Your Story

If your journey of “becoming a mom” has played out much differently than you anticipated, whether that is struggles of infertility, adoption, or unplanned pregnancies, embrace it. This won’t happen overnight. It might even take years and more babies, but rewrite that chapter for yourself. Make your story your own and tell it in your own voice, as it has and will define the most important role you could ever play – mom.

Tell us your story. Have you had to rewrite it?

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