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Meet Daniella, Our Flagstaff Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: Riley, 4 and Charly, 2. They are EXACTLY 2 years apart. Born July 30 and 31.

Day In 5 Words :: Coffee, Hustle, Breathe, Family, Self-Care.

Major Life Influence ::  My Mom. I wouldn’t have grown into the woman I am today without her support, guidance, encouragement, counsel and prayer.

Go-To Mom Hack :: Snack Dinner. When I don’t feel like cooking I make a plate of cheese, crackers, fruit and lunch meats for the boys to eat. They love it. We eat Snack Dinner a lot on the patio in the Summer when it’s too hot to cook in the house.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: Watching YouTube Makeup Tutorials! I wear natural-looking makeup but I still find the videos so relaxing to watch!

Favorite Vacation Spot :: I live in a vacation destination, haha! I really love visiting Sedona, AZ. There’s something about looking at the massive Red Rocks that makes me feel calm..

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Meet Amanda, Our Flagstaff Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: I have two kids; William who is 3.5 and Josie who is 20 months. To say they keep me on my toes is an understatement!

Day In 5 Words :: Multitasking, loud, flexibility, creativity and loud. Did I say that one already??

Major Life Influence ::  My mom has definitely been a major influence on my life. She taught me that you can have a successful career and still be an amazing, involved parent. She worked full time, went back to school to get two Master’s Degrees when I was in elementary school, and was still at every sporting event and after school activity from Kindergarten to Senior Year. She showed me that you can absolutely have it all and be happy in the process. I am sure that she had stress, but as a child I never felt that and only saw her love and happiness. She is still one of my best friends to this day, and I am thankful for all the ways she has and continues to teach me!

Go-To Mom Hack :: Preparing as much as I can the night before. Mornings are chaotic in my house, so I make lunches, pack snacks, pick out clothes (for myself and the kids!), set the coffee timer and pack my gym bag before I relax for the night. If I can get out of the house on time, my day tends to go smoother and I am a much more productive.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: TV. I still love The Bachelor and Bachelorette after all these years. I can veg out for a few hours and forget about everything else around me; and it absolutely makes me feel that comparatively, my life is pretty sane 😉

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Death Valley. My husband and I have had some pretty amazing adventures there, including hiking to and camping in abandoned ghost towns. Now that the kids are getting a little older, we plan on taking them on some of the less adventures paths and sites!

What Every Mom Should Know About Flagstaff, AZ


Flagstaff is one of the top 5 snowiest cities in the country, seeing more than 100 inches on average each winter!


Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930 at the Lowell Observatory, one of America’s oldest observatories (built in 1894).


At 7000 feet, Flagstaff is one of the high elevated cities this is a big draw and reported to improve physical fitness, athletes and Olympic hopefuls from around the world come to Flagstaff to train.


Flagstaff is located in the Coconino National Forest which is home to the largest continuous strand of ponderosa pine forest in the world.


Northern Arizona is home to 9 Natural Wonders like the Grand Canyon, which is only 75 miles from Flagstaff.

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