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Meet Beth, Our Twin Cities Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: I have two girls – Sophia {2009} and Evelyn {2011}, and one boy, Wesley {2014} with four sweet babies in heaven.

Day In 5 Words :: Chaos. 🙂 I try to wake up most days before my kiddos either to simply to read and sit with coffee alone, meet a friend for an early coffee date (and I mean 5am early!) or go to the gym. As a work from home mom, and with two jobs at that, I have to create more time in my day in order to make it all work, and the “extras” in life, like coffee with friends, are more like a necessity to me – I can’t survive working mom life without the things that balance the scales. I have 9 hours of childcare a week, so most days I’m working with my left hand and building legos with the other, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Systems and efficiency make it all work and the extra time with my kiddos makes the chaos totally worth it!

Major Life Influence ::  My closest friends. They’ve rallied for me, showed up even when I didn’t know I needed them, and are constant cheerleaders.

Go-To Mom Hack :: Carpool. Work from home mom friends that carpool are a gift straight from heaven.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: Sugary drinks: coffee with creamer, sweetened iced tea, wine, etc.

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Key West, Florida.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

Connections. Online, and in person. I love seeing our community gather however they are able, as often as they are able. Especially when we see women gather in person, my heart just soars to know that they took time for themselves and to grow in community. I’ve also been incredibly blessed to be able to connect with woman around the country as a site owner and gain insight into both business and motherhood from others I otherwise would never have met, and grow incredible friendships through this network.

What Every Mom Should Know About the Twin Cities


We have the one of the best park systems in the country.


We don’t let the weather stop us from having fun – activities, festivals and places to gather are endless.


The Twin Cities Marathon is worth the trip!


Moms in the Twin Cities are incredibly welcoming – Minnesota Nice is a real thing that means strangers say hello and really do want to be your friend! We’d welcome anyone reading this and moving to the area to get involved in our community of moms!

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