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Sister Site :: ABQ Mom Years In Network :: 4

Owner :: Vanessa Bush

About ABQ Mom

ABQ Mom is the premier parenting website in Albuquerque. It is your most influential resource to reach local moms due to our hyperlocal content and long-term trusted relationship with our readers. Our team is a microcosm of our greater community, and our content is written by Albuquerque moms for Albuquerque moms!

What Every Mom Should Know About


1)  Many people assume Albuquerque is a lot like the more well-known Phoenix; however, Albuquerque is a mile high in elevation. It’s a high desert climate. So we have four distinct seasons, but none of them are extreme. If you are looking for the best weather pretty much anywhere, Albuquerque is your place.

2) Chile is king in Albuquerque. Every fall, the spicy aroma of roasting green chile wafts out of every grocery store parking lot and farmers market. Our state question is “red or green?” And if you visit, you can guarantee your server will ask you that question. Do you want fresh green chile that has been roasted and chopped or dried red chile made into a sauce on your food? And when I say food, I mean all food. Burgers, burritos, eggs, potatoes . . . everything tastes better with New Mexico chile.

3) When you’re in Albuquerque, you’re never far from outdoor adventures and nature. The Rio Grande runs through the middle of the city surrounded by The Bosque (that’s Spanish for forest). The Paseo del Bosque Trail consists of 16 miles of paved multi-use trails right along the river. On the westside of Albuquerque, you’ll find Petroglyph National Monument which consists of more trails, extinct volcanoes, exquisite views, and ancient rock carvings by the first peoples who lived here. Towards the east is Sandia Peak. Sandia means “watermelon” in Spanish, which is completely appropriate because every night at sunset, the mountains that stand guard over the city turn pink for a few brief minutes due to the way the sun hits the minerals on the granite. Hiking trails, mountain biking, skiing, and open space abound in the Sandias just a stone’s throw away from Albuquerque.

4) The diversity of the city is one of my favorite things about it. With major cultural influence from Spain, Mexico, and central America, there’s a large Hispanic/Latino population. But also there are 19 pueblos in addition to the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. So a person in Albuquerque can encounter many cultures and languages without traveling anywhere. The National Hispanic Cultural Museum and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center both call Albuquerque home.

5) Artists have long been drawn to the stark New Mexican landscape. And the art scene is alive and well today with galleries dotting the city. But a new kind of art has taken up residency in Albuquerque within the last decade . . . the film industry. New Mexico has long been a cheaper stand-in for southern California when it comes to movie making, but in 2018, Netflix set up shop on a lot south of the city and is here to stay. I guess you could say Albuquerque is winning the streaming wars. If you’re in town, keep your eyes peeled because you never know when you’ll see a movie star eating lunch in the booth next to you.

ABQ Mom in The Community

We have been fortunate to have been able to host some successful online events recently, but we really love seeing people’s faces!  We recently hosted our first Magic on the Mesa, an in-person holiday event full of holiday magic and cheer.  This family event included food, games and a visit with Santa!  It was wonderful gathering with our community and watching the little ones experience the holiday magic. 

What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

I love connecting women whether that be with each other or with local businesses and things to do around town. It’s an honor to be just a small piece of helping our city thrive.

-Vanessa Bush

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