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Sister Site :: Alamo City Moms  | Years In Network :: 6 | Owner ::  Amanda Gentis and Lindsay Rouse

Alamo City Moms' Annual Team Awards Night

As you may or may not grow, our City Mom Collective network has grown to nearly 100 sister sites nationwide, and each sister site team is made up of 20-30 volunteer mom contributors.  These contributors are the true heart of what we are doing, as they bring their candid, real stories of motherhood and share them with you, our readers.

Many sister sites have started an annual tradition of celebrating their contributors through Favorite Things parties, holiday parties, or team awards.  Alamo City Moms hosted their team awards recently, and in particular we loved hearing about the blog post that won their Founder’s Choice Award, entitled “In A World Filled With Insecurities, Be an Amy”.

This post stands out because it truly embodies the mission behind City Mom Collective and our sister sites nationwide: be that mom (in this case, Amy) who welcomes new moms with welcome arms, who goes out of their way to involve them in their group of friends, and who encourages them when they’re feeling isolated or alone.  There truly is no better gift we can give a fellow mom, and it’s no wonder this blog post was the founder’s choice for 2019!


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