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Meet Maria, Our Anaheim Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: Hayley (16), Luca (5), and Beckham (2)

Day In 5 Words :: Coffee. Discombobulated. Rewarding. Limitless. Wine.

Major Life Influence ::  My parents. They are my rock.

Go-To Mom Hack :: Lime juice on apples – that way they never turn brown and my kids will eat them.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: Chocolate and peanut butter

Favorite Vacation Spot ::  I love the beach! Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Mother’s Beach, Laguna, 1000 steps beach. All of them.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

The sisterhood. I love having over 100 other brains to pick at any given moment. I love having the vulnerability to share when things are hard, and the rallying around each other and championing each other. Makes it all worth it.


There is something for everyone in Orange County – Foodies, Outdoor Activists, Beach Enthusiasts, Night Life Fans, Sports lovers – we’ve got it all!


Best weather in the country – there’s a reason we all love living here!


Best of both worlds – in Orange County we have the luxury of living in the suburbs but are just a short drive to downtown Los Angeles.


Transplant Love – Our community is filled with people from all over the country and even the world. It’s so fun to share our commonalities and celebrate our differences!


Family Oriented – Our community is filled with family-oriented activities. Orange County is a great place to raise kids.

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