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Meet Tiffany, Our Columbia SC Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: One son, Brock, who is 5 years old.

Day In 5 Words :: busy, rewarding, focused, flexible, purposed

Major Life Influence ::  My mom. Growing up she started her own business out of our home so that she could still be there for us but also fulfill her other passions. As I’ve grown into an adult who has followed in these same footsteps, I understand the struggles and sacrifices this takes, and appreciate the role model she set forth.

Go-To Mom Hack :: Baby wipes. Even though my son is 5 we still keep them handy. They don’t lose their purpose once you move past the diaper phase.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: Reality TV … most recently real life ghost stories to be specific. I feel absolutely ridiculous when I tell someone I’m obsessed with watching someone tell their ghost story, and even more ridiculous when I read the show titles displayed in my DVR. Suzy doll, anyone?

Favorite Vacation Spot :: One of those tiki huts with a glass bottom floor in the middle of a clear water ocean.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

Having a network of other moms to lean on for support who are doing the exact same thing in their cities. These moms “get me.”

What Every Mom Should Know About Columbia, SC


We’re two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains, so we are situated in the perfect spot for whatever your vacation destination wish consists of.


While Columbia is a smaller city estimated at around 130,000 residents, we have an award winning zoo, state of the art children’s museum, incredible kid-friendly museum, and a really fun professional marionette theatre that has weekly performances.


Sweet tea is a staple, hands down. And if soda is your choice, Coke is the universal term for all things brown and carbonated. 


The downtown/Shandon/Forest Acres area consists of old neighborhoods that were developed with playgrounds in mind. As a result, there are around 20 of these gems located throughout the city that have been updated, well maintained, and are super fun. 


It takes about 30 minutes to travel from one side of our city to the other (aka the Midlands). While it might seem like an inconvenience at times, it’s well worth it to discover new and fun activities to do with your child, make new mom friends, and overall expand your horizons about what our great city has to offer. 

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