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Meet Krystal, Our Dallas Moms Blog Owner

Kids :: I have 3 amazing boys; ages 6, 4, and 2.

Day In 5 Words :: Never-ending chaos, but also purposeful.

Major Life Influence ::  It’s really hard to nail down 1 major influencer. My biggest influence – especially during the last 10 years transitioning through so much change – was my Book Club. 7 women from different backgrounds, raising children differently, and lots of different views and perspectives all giving honest advice and living life to the best of their abilities. They helped me navigate my way through pregnancy (as one of the last to have children) and influenced the way I saw raising my boys and even how many children I wanted to have.

Go-To Mom Hack :: We eat out a lot, so my best hack is probably to ask for To-Go Silverware when we eat out. They’re usually smaller utensils and make it easier for the kids to use when eating.

Biggest Guilty Pleasure :: I love nothing more than to sit down in a quiet room with a good book, a Dr. Pepper, and a handful of mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Favorite Vacation Spot :: Without a doubt – Bavaria, Germany.

The most rewarding thing about being part of City Moms Blog Network…

Entering into the world of Motherhood was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do–and probably will do! Walking away from careers, abandoning what you’re familiar with in your marriage, financial changes, on top of being solely responsible for another young, tiny human being. In any other situation I’d say “I don’t wish that on anyone!” but of course, that’s the furthest thing from the truth because there’s nothing more magical than motherhood all at the same time! But I will say that no woman should have to go through the transitions of motherhood alone. Whether it’s going from a Dual-Income No-Kids to SAHM or moving your last child into public school, all moms need that community and I’m so proud that we can provide this community through Dallas Moms Blog!


Dallas as a city is huge, but the metroplex is even bigger. When two people claim to be from Dallas, it could mean any number of the surrounding suburbs up to 40 minutes away from Central Downtown.


As our neighborhoods continue to fill with young families, our city and local businesses are taking a cue. While Dallas is filled with museums, high-end shopping centers, and amazing restaurants, these places of interest are finding ways of incorporating family-friendly activities (such as First Saturdays at the Dallas Museum of Art & Nasher Sculpture Center, Moody Family Children’s Museum on the 1st floor of the Perot Museum of Nature & Science, or Hat Creek Burger’s indoor restaurant playground)


 A Quick Language Lesson :: “Y’all” – (sometimes ya’ll or yall) is a contraction of you and all; example “Are y’all going to the park?” :: “Coke” – refers to every type of soda. For example, “Can I get you a Coke?”  “Yes, I’ll have a Dr. Pepper.”  :: “BBQ” – (or Barbecue) is a type of food, usually not an activity. If a Texan refers to barbecue, odds are they’re referencing smoked meat, not a get-together of Hot Dogs and Hamburgers over a BBQ grill.


Dallas is the birthplace of the frozen margarita machine. You’re welcome. 


No matter what type of mom you consider yourself, Dallas has a way of making everyone feel welcome. From southern comfort cooking to gluten-free bake shops. . . natural playgrounds to full indoor playspace. . .montessori to amazing public schools. You’re bound to find your community or group in the area! 

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