Sister Site Spotlight: Mental Health & Motherhood in Detroit


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Sister Site :: Detroit Mom | Time in Network :: 6 years | Owner & Founder :: Elizabeth Lewis

Detriot Mom in the Community

2020 has been one of the most challenging years of our lives, especially for moms.  We are balancing work and homeschool, quarantine and health, job loss and isolation… it can take its toll.  More than ever moms are banding together to support one another through the pandemic and mental & emotional load that is oh so heavy.

We applaud the work our Sister Sites are doing across the country to support and uplift moms and their families during this hard season of life.  Our friends at Detroit Mom have seen the need for mental health support in their community have partnered with local professionals to launch their Mental Health Monday series.  Each Monday they host a Facebook Live with a professional therapist to tackle tough topics that weigh on moms including infant & pregnancy loss, relationships, mom guilt, self care and more.

Detroit Mom owner & founder, Elizabeth Lewis, shared her goal with Mental Health Mondays is to give moms a platform to receive advice and have a safe space to talk about the tough topics. “We realize more than ever that women need access to this information because they aren’t openly asking. Majority of the time, they are ashamed and worried what others will think about them for thinking or feeling the way they do.” shared Lewis.  The Detroit Mom team is working hard to normalize mental health and lessen the stigma surrounding it. By putting a major focus on mental health issues, they work to ensure moms know they are not alone and there are people to support them in their community.

A Word With Our Sister Site Owner

“Mental Health Mondays is something that is really close to my heart. With my own journey through mental health, losing my parents, and having a baby then being diagnosed with postpartum depression, it became evident to me how little moms focus on supporting their own mental health. We wanted moms to understand the importance of putting themselves first and how impossible it is to pour from an empty cup. If you aren’t showing up for yourself, you can’t expect to show up for your family + friends as a fully functioning human being.”- Elizabeth Lewis

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