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Sister Site :: Fargo Mom Years In Network :: 2

Owner :: Kathy Schommer

Fargo Mom

Fargo is a community of neighbors, and we trust one another. So when your neighbor, friend, co-worker, or a local business owner recommends a product or service, we listen! That’s what makes Fargo Mom so valuable and unique in this community: we are a group of moms who can share advice, the trials of motherhood, and all the great businesses, products, and people that can help make our lives easier and more fulfilled. Fargo Mom has grown over the last 2 years to be a top trusted resource for local moms to find information and resources, and our goal is to continue to build that trust and foster those relationships in the years to come.

What Every Mom Should Know About

Fargo Mom

1. We are an active community! There are so many opportunities year-round to get outside and enjoy nature through hiking, biking, swimming in nearby lakes, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, and more! We also have a very active fitness community.
2. Yes, it gets THAT cold. We can experience regular below zero temps throughout the winter, but thanks to good cold-weather gear and lots of indoor play options, there are ways to enjoy winter here!
3. Our summers are fabulous! While it can feel like a short season, our community really comes alive during the summer months (where temps are usually in the 70s-80s). There are so many activities, festivals, fairs, and things to do it’s hard to squeeze it all in!
4. We have people from all walks of life here. I’ve been lucky as a business owner to get to meet so many moms and community members that call Fargo home after moving from somewhere else. While we definitely have a Midwest vibe going on, there are eclectic restaurants, unique events, and other culturally-diverse offerings throughout Fargo (and our sister city across the border, Moorhead, MN).
5. We REALLY love our local small businesses! They are truly the heart of our community, and we rally around to support them year-round. Fargo is a great place for entrepreneurs, and we love to see new places crop up throughout the year that add vibrancy to our growing community.


What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

I love, love, love connecting with my local community. Whether it’s with our writing team of 35+ moms, local businesses and organizations, or other moms who follow our content, I love talking with other moms in our community and building a sense of belonging for everyone. There is space for every mom here, and we want to truly cultivate that experience, both online and in person.

-Kathy Schommer

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