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City Mom Collective is proud of the work our
Sister Sites are doing to connect moms in their communities nationwide.  This summer and fall, over 50 of our sites partnered with Football Matters to spread the message about the positive impact football has on our local communities.

5 Teachable Moments I Learned from College Football

“I’m a mom who is ALWAYS looking for teachable moments for my kids. This game is full of them. As I sit here and think about it, I amazed at what I’ve learned from this seasonal hobby of ours.”

7 Delicious Recipes for Your Next Tailgate

“Instead of serving food to the hungry athletes, I am serving my sweet family. I love setting up food that is easy for everyone to eat, including the kids. I usually get everything ready about an hour before game time and set it out on the kitchen island. Everyone knows they can just help themselves and let me know when something is running low! It makes the entire day feel laid back and easy going.”

Dear Coach Husband...

“I see you pacing the sideline on Friday nights. I see you signaling in plays that mean something to the eleven boys out on the field, but look completely foreign (and occasionally silly) to your wife. I see you trying to yell instructions to where the running back can hear you above the roar of the crowd. I see every expression on your face. The concentration during a tense play. The exultation of a touchdown. The joy of a win. The frustration of defeat. Your dedication to the game.”

Families Need Football

“In our 1.5 seasons of football we have watched that timid little boy create lifelong memories with friends he had not had before we started football. We watch every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as he shows a determination and drive that was fully developed on that field. He has a set of coaches, and extra set of dads if you ask me, that will address anything we ever needed. Coaches that care to see him develop just as much as we do. Football has transformed our boy into the biggest, bravest, most considerate and connected six-year-old we could have only ever dreamed of two summers ago.”

Also Featured On Facebook Live!

One mom shares her football must-haves, and her husband (who happens to be a youth football coach) shares the things he wants every football parent to know.

A sit-down with former Iowa Hawkeye wide receiver Marvin McNutt, chatting about how football has positively impacted him and his family.


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