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Sister Site :: Lubbock Moms Years In Network :: 4

Owner :: Chelsea Anders

Lubbock Moms

Lubbock Moms has grown to be the trusted resource and parenting experts – in the business community, with the City of Lubbock, and with local parents. We have partnered with organizations all over the region including the Mayor of Lubbock, the Lubbock Police Department, University Medial Center, and countless small businesses run by local entrepreneurs. We are so proud to say that we represent the voice of parents in our community on myriad topics!

What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

My favorite thing about being a local Site Owner is the incredible network of women I find myself in the middle of! Not only do I have colleagues from Coast to Coast, but I have friends that I could not survive without. This circle has surrounded me on my darkest and brightest days and I wouldn’t be the successful businesswoman and mother I am today without it’s influence.

Chelsea Anders

What Every Mom Should Know About Lubbock

1. We are the best big small town in Texas! (The “Hub City” is named for it’s resources and importance in the South Plains region);

2. We are home to a major Texas state school – Texas Tech University: the only campus in America that has a co-located Academic University, Health Sciences Center, and Law School.

3. Lubbock is the center of the largest grape growing region in the state of Texas – hello, wineries!

4. Lubbock has the largest contiguous cotton growing area in the United States – blue jeans are king!

5. Lubbock has more annual sunshine days than Miami, Florida! Beautiful days and beautiful ways!

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