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Sister Site :: Miami Mom Collective Years In Network :: 4

Owner :: Cierra Bragan

Miami Mom Collective

Miami Mom Collective is Miami’s Premier Parenting Resource and Community. We exist to encourage, equip, and empower local moms with relevant resources and a meaningful community.
As a full-fledged marketing and media company, our team of 50+ women work together to produce quality resources, high-end events and meaningful experiences for our partner brands who are looking to reach our target market: Miami Moms.
Since our launch in July 2018 we have partnered with more than 500 local and national brands and hosted more than 60 events for moms and families throughout Miami.

What Every Mom Should Know About Miami

  1. Miami is the only US city to have been founded by a woman! (Julia Tuttle).
  2. Miami is SO much more than South Beach! (Did you know that the sand in Miami Beach is imported?!)
  3. Miami is the only US city bordered by two national parks: the Everglades and Biscayne National Park.
  4. Miami is the cruise capital of the world.
  5. Miami is home to the largest concentration of street art in the USA. All located in Wynwood district.
  6. Sunscreen was invented in Miami!

Miami is such a beautifully diverse city! The women on the Miami Mom Collective Team represent more than 15 different nationalities, our target audience speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese (among other languages) and our website is accessible in 10 languages!

What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

My favorite thing about being the Owner and Founder of Miami Mom Collective is knowing that the work that we are doing as a team of women is having a profound impact in Miami in the lives of other Moms. When women approach me to share that they’ve made a best friend via Miami Mom Collective my heart swells with joy to know that we are making lifelong impact in the lives of local women.

-Cierra Bragan

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