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Sister Site :: Military Mom Collective  Years In Network :: Co-Owners :: Amie Glazer and Rachel Carpenter

About Military Mom Collective

The Military Mom Collective is part of a larger network of hyper-local mom influencers under the City Mom Collective umbrella. All of our sister sites are geographically focused, but we are the first site to focus on a demographic, which makes our reach more extensive. Did you know that there are over 3 million military family members in the US? 44% of military spouses feel isolated from family and friends. Because of moving every few years, having babies and raising kids away from support systems, and navigating solo-parenting during deployments and separations, military-connected moms have a larger need for support. This has been further amplified by the global pandemic.

So we stepped in. The Military Mom Collective is a collaborative community for the military family worldwide. We are moms, dads, service members, veterans, spouses, moms of military and more. Our community spans 19 hours of time zones and encompasses all military branches, including non-US military too. Our mission is to support and uplift military families worldwide through engaging content, relevant resources, and virtual events. We are searching for partners in the military or civilian sphere to join this mission by sponsoring content and events which will further our reach and impact. We have been building virtual, military communities for over four years, and just last year we reached over 1.3 million families in 203 countries. So how many more can be impacted with your partnership? We all desire to support the troops; join us today to support military families.

-Co-Owners Amie Glazer and Rachel Carpenter 

What Every Mom Should Know About

Military-Connected Moms

1. Get to know us, include us, invite us. Even if we’re only stationed there for a year or less, we are a worthy investment of your friendship. Military moms make friends for life.

2. Just because we often solo-parent during deployments or TDY’s (really long business trips), doesn’t mean we’re abandoned. But it also doesn’t mean we’ve got it all covered. Meals, check-ins, babysitting, and mom dates are always welcomed!
3. Not all military spouses are moms – some are dads too (and some don’t even have kids)!
3b. Not all military moms are military spouses. Military-connected moms can be military spouses, active duty, reservists, moms of a service member, or any mom who is affiliated with the military.
4. When we move in next door and immediately ask you to be our child’s emergency contact, please smile and say, “absolutely” – and then be our friend!
5. We don’t often have time to “date” to find the perfect friend, and we just jump into a friendship. So, please jump in feet-first with us!
6. We’re allowed to have bad days and miss our service member. Most of us didn’t “choose this life” or “know what we were getting into.”
7.  Need help moving? Ask a military mom. We’re practically experts.
8. Please don’t compare. Just because our spouse deploys for months or years at a time doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to miss your spouse or not allowed to struggle when you solo parent for a week.
9. While the military is a big part of our life, it is not the only thing about us. And our military affiliation doesn’t mean we agree with the military or what is demanded of us.
10. Military moms are resilient and know how to pivot well in the toughest of situations. We can make practically anything work. If you’re in a pickle, you want a military mom by your side!
11. Ask us our stories. Many of us have lived all over the country or all over the world. We have experienced different cultures and cuisines and have traveled to places maybe you haven’t. And we all have a moving story of a PCS (military move) gone terribly wrong!

Military Mom Collective in The Community

Our most successful event to date was Bloom 2021. Not only did we partner with over 20 regional and national businesses, but we had 51 participants from 33 states and 3 countries. Additionally we built out an entire event dashboard on our site with exclusive videos, discounts, resources, and content just for Bloom attendees.

What do you love most about being a Sister Site Owner?

Being a voice of encouragement in the military community to make a positive impact.

-Amie Glazer

I love being a Sister Site Owner because I know that I have a network of other parents who get it. We may come from different locations and backgrounds, but we are all parents who are navigating this life together.

Rachel Carpenter


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