Sister Site Spotlight: MUM Award-Winning Milwaukee Mom


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Sister Site :: Milwaukee Mom | Years In Network :: 4.5 | Owner ::  Sarah Kooiman

Milwaukee Mom: "Inspire" MUM Award Winner for 2020

Three weeks ago, our sister site owners from across the country gathered in Orlando, Florida for our annual Sister Site Conference.  While we were together in person, we were thrilled to host the 2nd annual Mum Awards, celebrating the values of City Mom Collective and the sister sites who work tirelessly to represent these values in their local communities.

Today we are highlighting Milwaukee Mom, who took home the INSPIRE award for 2020.

2020 Highlights for Milwaukee Mom

  • Launched our Milwaukee Momcast podcast
  • Added our first Dad Contributor to our writing team
  • Surpassed 2 million all time page views
  • Launched a monthly co-working meetup event for moms

A Word With The Sister Site Owner

“As the very first expansion site, Milwaukee Mom has been a sort of experiment from Day One and we sort of just kept that theme going, rolling with the punches and trying new things as they came up. Our site in particular has faced unique and tragic challenges that have tested our resolve, tenacity, and dedication. We’ve been fortunate to have a dedicated team of moms who have committed to the mission of the site and have helped us weather the storms and continue to grow and innovate as we take risks and tackle new challenges.”
Sarah Kooiman, Milwaukee Mom


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