Sister Site Spotlight: Mum Award-Winning Wichita Mom


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Sister Site :: Wichita Mom | Years In Network :: 5 | Owner ::  Angela Green

Wichita Mom: "Respect" MUM Award Winner for 2020

Three weeks ago, our sister site owners from across the country gathered in Orlando, Florida for our annual Sister Site Conference.  While we were together in person, we were thrilled to host the 2nd annual Mum Awards, celebrating the values of City Mom Collective and the sister sites who work tirelessly to represent these values in their local communities.

Today we are highlighting Wichita Mom, who took home the RESPECT award for 2020.

2020 Highlights for Wichita Mom

  • received 1 Million Pageviews in 2019
  • Launched She Means Business: a campaign where we highlighted the incredible things the women in our community are doing
  • Sold Out 100% of our Annual Signature Events
  • Hey Teacher Mom saw more views than any other post in Wichita Mom history

A Word With The Sister Site Owner

“The Wichita Mom team takes pride in handling everything we do with respect – whether it is interacting with moms in our community groups, potential sponsors, event attendees, our team, or someone visiting Wichita for the first time. As anyone in business knows, difficult conversations and frustrating situations come up daily – and it’s always important to take a deep breath, try to see it from the other party’s perspective, and ultimately respond with respect.”
-Angela Green, Wichita Mom owner


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