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Northern Colorado Moms Blog In The Community

In a recent, vulnerable moment, owner Kimberly posted that she is going through a hard season of life, and that she really needed to talk to a friend.  During the phone call, that friend asked her what she needed most, and Kimberly told the truth: she didn’t want to be alone.  Without skipping a beat, the friend responded, “I’m on my way”.

And she was. This story of true friendship, of the “I’m on my way” friend, has gone viral this week, featured on The Today Show, Her View from Home, and Love What Matters, and even earning Kimberly a phone call from none other than Good Morning America!

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A Word With The Sister Site Owner

We briefly chatted with Kimberly about this viral post on her site, and asked her why she thinks it has gained such an enormous response:

I think the outpouring of love and celebration of good friendship is really resonating with people. I keep saying that the message here is simple: life was not designed to be lived alone! But when you are sitting in the middle of your hard season, no matter what the situation is, it becomes so easy to forget that. As Moms, especially, we live in a world saturated with the “You can do hard things” message, and somewhere along the way, decided that this means we have to or should be able to do them on our own. This goes for the good things too, and the things that have nothing to do with being a mom – the YOU things! It’s important to be able to draw support from others because anxiety, loneliness, and depression…these things grow in isolation. We must show up for one another. We must be kind to ourselves. And we must continue to spread the message that it’s okay not to be okay – you’re not in this alone.


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