Sleep + Motherhood :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 25

This episode of Just Add Sprinkles is brought to you by Mattress Firm.

What we want is high-functioning parents, because we are more patient and we make better decisions. And we are just more present for our children when we are well-rested.

Join Stephanie and Michelle as they discuss one of the most coveted things in motherhood… SLEEP!

In this episode of Just Add Sprinkles, Steph spoke with Terry Cralle, who is a pretty big deal in the sleep world. She is a registered nurse specializing in sleep health and wellness, as well as co-authored two books on sleep, Sleeping Your Way To The Top and  Snoozby and The Great Big Bedtime Battle.

What we learned about sleep is truly eye-opening! It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is basically nirvana for any mom, but Terry shed light on why that is the case and provides practical tips on how to get more sleep not just for you, but your entire family… kids included!

Episode 25 :: Show Notes

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Episode 25 :: Brought To You By Mattress Firm

This episode of Just Add Sprinkles: Celebrating Motherhood is brought to you by Mattress Firm, which is fitting since we are talking all about sleep!

Sleep is essential for resolving stress and preparing for the morning ahead. All-in-all, sleep makes our work and our lives better, and can have a dramatic impact on our mood, performance and health.

With the goal of giving all parents a good night’s sleep, Mattress Firm helps customers find the beds they want and the sleep they deserve at prices they can afford.

Simply put, sleep gives both you and your children the energy you need to tackle another day.

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