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Meet_Your_2015_GoalsAre you looking for a life-changing way to accomplish your financial goals, make a difference in your mommy-community, and become part of a Sisterhood? Then becoming a sister site owner for City Moms Blog Network might just be the perfect opportunity for you!

Research shows that one of the number one reasons people break their resolutions in the New Year is that they have failed to put together a vision, set goals, and have a plan of attack. You might say you want to lose 20 lbs. this year, but if you have no new diet or fitness plans in place, you’ll most likely be disappointed by the end of 2015.

The same rings true for those wishing to start their own business this year. You love the idea of ending 2015 with the accomplishment of fulfilling your entrepreneurial spirit, building your own business, and possibly adding some funds to your family’s budget. However, none of this can happen without first establishing a framework, setting attainable goals, and building a support system to help you pursue this dream.

emily_strongI knew I wanted to give back to the moms in my community, but as a full-time SAHM, I didn’t know what I could do and still keep my priority on my family… I found City Moms Blog Network through friends and knew this was the only way I could do this – with a Network of ladies behind us. The support the Network gives in incredible. That is what CMBN is – a hugely supportive Network of women with a passion for their families and their communities – just like me! Lead by a team of smart and innovative ladies, you can’t go wrong in joining this Network. I feel blessed to have found CMBN and have them behind me as I started Fort Worth Moms Blog and bring the moms of Cowtown closer to each other and their community.
:: Emily, Fort Worth Moms Blog, Co-Founder ::

City Moms Blog Network would love to come alongside you in 2015 and help you accomplish your dream of starting a new business. Not only do we help you every step of the way in building your locally-focused mommy blog business, but we also provide an amazing support system, comprised of our CMBN Team, a Sisterhood of Site Owners, and the tools to help you find your individual success.

Brooke-MeabonI had been looking for an opportunity to begin an online resource in San Antonio for moms but the thought of such a project was both overwhelming and intimidating. I was introduced to the City Moms Blog Network and knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. Partnering with CMBN has made this venture exciting and fun. We have been able to quickly establish our website and grow our business with local companies due to the resources provided by CMBN and the support of our Sister Sites. Who knew being a business owner would be so enjoyable!
:: Brooke, Alamo City Moms Blog, Co-Founder ::

We too have large goals in place for City Moms Blog Network for 2015, one of which is to guide YOU on your journey to owning your own business and connecting moms!

Contact us to get started connecting moms in your city today!



  1. Hello!
    I currently am a SAHM and I focus most of my time on my two year old son, Atticus ,as well as trying to balance a career in Pittsburgh photography. I mainly focus on wedding photography but i have had a lot of experience doing family and newborn photography as well. As well as, i am expecting in April with another boy!
    Through my time with my son I started really wanting to get into connecting with other moms who would be interested in some of my idea or who would want to share some of their own. I even started making my own homemade organic baby purees and sharing my stories of Atticus and wanting other mommies to try them!
    i think this would be a great opportunity to reach out to more people in my area and share my photography and puree ideas and interests with other mommies.
    There is no Pittsburgh city mom blog and I would love to be the start of it all!!

    Thank you!
    Krystle Gavin

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