Summer Proof Your Phone and Your Memories!

This post was sponsored by our friends at CaliCase, but the opinions are all our own!

Take a trip down memory lane with me. You’re at the beach, lake, pool (insert favorite place to summer here) thrilled to create a day of memories with your crew! The problem is the elements threaten your chance of capturing many of those great memories on your phone. So, to protect this minicomputer, you keep it hidden away in your bag where all things liquid and sticky are less likely to find it,  leaving the day with very few photos captured to pop up on Timehop for many years to come.

Well, this summer, I say, pull out those phones and keep them close so you can capture all.the.things! But only if you are using a CaliCase!!!

We recently took a trip to the lake and after a year of minimal travel memories (thanks again 2020) I did not want to miss out on capturing photos of my family. With the CaliCase, I didn’t have to!!!

This case is waterproof, so I could snap those pictures of my family and not have to worry about water damage to my phone. And when I say waterproof, I mean, it can be fully submerged under water and your phone is 100% safe!!! So not only does it protect your phone, but it allows you to capture those memories in a whole new way!

Underwater Camera

We were able take the phone completely underwater and get some amazing shots of the kids. Think Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!! Now I don’t have to buy those disposable underwater cameras that I usually forget to get developed and on the off chance I do remember, the prints turn out all blurry or with nothing in the frame anyway. With this case, I can get clear, well framed underwater shots that I can save on my phone forever!

Floatation Device for Your Phone

Another bonus is that the case floats so there was no need to fear that my phone might sink to the bottom of the lake to join whatever buried treasure might be living down there too. It gave me peace of mind when the kids asked to use my phone and take pics near the water. In fact, I was able to get in some of the photos since I didn’t have to worry about what would happen to my phone if I handed it over to slippery fingers. #proofofmom

Hands Free Mode

I also plan to use my CaliCase on some adult only adventures like Stand-Up Paddle Boarding this summer with friends. Having my phone, safely around my neck and protected from water, will make it so much easier to enjoy myself. I’m also believing that if my phones on me, that means I’ll get less interruptions from the kids because it always seems like when I don’t have my phone that is when they need me most, but that is probably wishful thinking! Lol!

So, join me in Summer proofing your phone and memories with CaliCase. The pouch that allows you to capture beautiful underwater content and bring your vacation memories to life.

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