Summer Travel… With A Purpose


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Summer is officially at our feet, and if you’re anything like me – you have about a million different ways you could fill your days.  A summer cleaning project where you finally tackle that horrendous guest closet?  Meh, that can wait until next year.  A summer job where you’ll no doubt end up even more exhausted than you are now?  Nope, absolutely not.  A vacation where you have the time of your life while also making an impact on a developing country?  YES, PLEASE.

Recently, the hubs and I had the absolute pleasure of setting sail on the inaugural cruise with Fathom, a brand new cruise line under the Carnival Corporation.  But here’s the catch, this cruise isn’t just about mai tais by the pool and shopping for souvenirs in port {although, yes, there was definitely some of that} — it’s an opportunity to build genuine relationships with your peers on the ship, become immersed in the culture you visit, and make an impact both in the lives of those around you…as well as your own.  Before we set sail for that fateful week at sea and in the Dominican Republic, I had no idea that travel could be anything more than a fun little getaway.  But boy, was I wrong.

The Ship.

When you’re on a cruise with Fathom, the Adonia becomes your home away from home for eight days and seven nights.  But you know what…it really does feel like home.  The smallest ship in Carnival’s fleet, it is perfectly quaint – while still providing ample space and tons of amenities.  From yoga classes to storytelling, and from social innovation workshops to live bands…  Fathom does a wonderful job of packing life and joy into every space and every minute of the journey.

Fathom Impact Travel - Ship

The Staff.

To say that the Fathom staff goes above and beyond for each and every traveler is pretty much the understatement of the century.  The warm and genuine welcomes as we first stepped foot onto the ship.  The unending kindness and willingness to help in any way.  The overall hospitality and personability from each staff member, from the ship’s captain to our room steward.  Simply stated, you don’t find this kind of service and honest-to-goodness desire to help anymore.  But at Fathom, the customer service cup runneth over.

Fathom Impact Travel - Staff

The Culture.

Currently, Fathom travels to two destinations – the Dominican Republic and Cuba.   But here’s the cool thing about a trip with Fathom…  You don’t just stop in port for a few hours.  Nope.  You are fully immersed in the culture for several days.  {We were in port from Noon on Tuesday all the way until Friday afternoon – that’s FOUR days!}  I love that this allowed us to really dive head first into the history and culture of the Dominican Republic.  We were able to meet locals, explore various towns, and really discover what their culture is all about.  The experience was amazing, and something I’ll cherish forever.

Fathom Impact Travel - Culture

The Impact.

By now, you are probably starting to see that Fathom is unlike most cookie cutter travel experiences.  But here’s where they really set themselves apart.  The entire premise of the Fathom concept is “travel with purpose” and that is something they have woven into every.little.detail. of the cruise.  From the cohort groups that prepare you for your time in port, to their onboard shop which feature social businesses dedicated to giving back, and of course – the opportunity to work alongside local residents in existing programs that greatly improve their community.  It’s unique, it’s special, and it’s impactful, both for the country you visit and for you too.

Fathom Impact Travel - Impact

The Connections.

How often do you go on a vacation and come home with a whole new network of deeply connected friends?  Probably not very often.  But thanks to the quaint size of the Adonia, the friendly staff who modeled and facilitated relationship growth, the opportunity to work together and immerse ourselves in another culture, AND the fact that we were all on cloud nine after leaving such an impact on the DR…  Well, you better believe we made some amazing friends who we have kept in touch with and are making plans to travel around the globe to visit once again.

Fathom Impact Travel - Connections

As you can see, a cruise with Fathom is an amazing getaway for you and your spouse, but I love that you can take the concept of impact travel and apply it to so many different aspects of life.  I mean, how neat would it be for a vacation with your fellow mom friends?  Or a team-building retreat with your co-workers?  Maybe a faith-based mission trip with your church?  Or my favorite, a family vacation where you can begin instilling these core values in your children at such a young age.  The opportunities are endless and the takeaways are aplenty.

I could go on… and on… and on… about how tremendous of a mark this trip left on my life.  But I encourage you to do your research too.  Check out their website, watch their videos, and read about other’s experiences.  I am beyond thankful for my time on board the Adonia and my days spent in the Dominican Republic, and I want others {namely YOU} to feel the lingering impact that I do too.