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Lessons From My Father… Revisited

When I spoke at my father’s eulogy, I recounted the key lessons he taught me that I hoped to teach my kids.

The Journey Of Foster Care To Adoption

One mom's story of meeting her son through foster care and the walk from foster care to adoption as a path to parenthood.

A New Twist On Birthday Gifts

My daughter LOVES toys. And clothes. And sparkly things. And Target – you name it, she probably wants it. The problem is that she is only four years old. Part of it is probably my fault and part of it comes from modern-day consumerism being at an all time high – that and Disney Junior commercials!

Mothering In The Midst Of Mayhem

Are you in the midst of a life change? Maybe you’re adding a sibling to your family. Or you or your significant other recently had a job change. Or a job loss. Or you’re going through a move. Do you feel like you’re in the midst of mayhem? Like you have no idea how to keep yourself sane, let alone your family, in all of the chaos?

Mom. Daughter. Bosses. {Apricot Lane Omaha}

We are proud to partner with our friends at Apricot Lane, the leading fashion boutique retail franchise. Not only does Apricot Lane provide the latest fashion trends for women at affordable prices, but with 23 years of franchise experience they are committed to supporting and helping each franchisee reach success! Today we share with you a mother and daughter duo that have turned their passion of shopping and fashion into a family run business by opening their Apricot Lane store in Omaha, Nebraska. Now the can share their passion with others!

September 11th: Why I Will Never Forget

Tuesday September 11, 2001. Most adults remember where they were on this fateful morning. This is my family's story... I kiss my husband goodbye. There is a beautiful crystal clear sky as I drive to work on the Garden State Parkway heading towards NYC. Andy makes his way to work on the 38th floor of the South Tower in the World Trade Center. We are newlyweds, only married 6 weeks, enjoying our new life in and around the city. The view of the Twin Towers is amazing.

{Spreading Mama Love} Why I Won’t Put Myself In Your Shoes

Yes, you - precious mom friend trying to hold it together today. Yes, you - my other dear pal trying to balance life without kiddos. You both are so special to me. We all have so much in common, and yet so much not in common. No worries, my lovelies, I will not pretend to know what it is like to be you, I will not pretend that I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. For the sake of our autonomy as women, I cannot. I will not.

Remembering 9-11: Who Could Forget?

Every year on 9/11, my Facebook feed is filled with admonitions to “Never Forget.” I often shake my head and roll my eyes. Who are these people who can forget? Has anyone who was over the age of 12 at the time been able to forget? Those who slept in that day and didn’t see people plunging out of windows a hundred stories high to escape the flames. Can they forget?

Dealing With Motherhood Without Your Mom

Five years ago when I was 3 months pregnant with my first daughter, my mom passed away. Just like that, she was gone. It was the worst day of my life, it felt like the world caved in on me. What was supposed to be the happiest time of my life was clouded by the sad realization that I was going to experience motherhood without the person I needed the most by my side. I naturally always imagined that she would be there when I had my own children, it was unbearable to accept the fact that I had to do this without her.

The Traditional Family | #HowWeFamily {Brought To You By TYLENOL®}

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