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Mom Must-Reads :: Week of October 30

From head lice to toxic relationship, moms across the country are sharing their stories and lending advice on a variety of topics! Check-out the most popular posts from our sister sites!

Rainbows and Secondary Infertility

"And slowly, but surely, I am learning that I can only paint my life with the colors I am given. And it is up to me to turn those colors into something beautiful."

You Were Almost Mine: The Incomparable Grief That Is Miscarriage

"The lost possibilities haunt me. Songs that are supposed to be about the love that got away, every country song on the radio, every Alison Krauss song ever, they are all about Coco."

We Remember Our Lost Babies :: Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

The truth is that once you lose a baby, you are not the same. Each of your children, whether they make it to babyhood, childhood or adulthood, changes you. And while you have been rocked, changed, rearranged and never to be the same again, by their loss, something you never wanted, the change that happens in you doesn’t have to be a bad thing.