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Top 15 Posts of 2017 :: Mom-Must Reads

Some stories are funny, some are helpful and some will move you to tears, but every story has a mom behind it who is sharing her motherhood journey with you. We have compiled the top 15 posts of 2017 from across our Sister Sites... happy reading!

Mom Must-Reads :: Week of October 23

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Mom Must-Reads :: Week of October 2

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Accidentally Teaching Your Kids to Share

When we become parents, there are many things we purposely set forth to accomplish, and parenting tactics we mindfully employ. But sometimes, we stumble upon parenting gold completely by accident.

When Your Friends Don’t Have Kids…

"When you have a baby, your friendships change with those who are childless. You need and deserve to form friendships with others who are in the same boat as you are—tired, cranky, and ready for bed at 8pm—but who wouldn’t change anything about their new life for a second!"

Selecting a High Quality Program and Child Care Provider

Selecting a high quality care program and child care provider is one of the most significant decisions you will make for your children. So how do you go about finding a program that’s convenient, safe, within budget and meets all your family’s and child’s needs?

What If You Weren’t Around?

If you haven't done so already, I would encourage you to think about this tough subject. Invest in the hard work and time to determine who would step in. Think about who would make an unthinkable situation okay for your children.

6 Lessons Preschoolers Can Teach Their Parents

"I've always thought it was my job to teach and encourage them, but when I stop to take a step back and recognize the lessons I've learned, it's my boys who are teaching ME!"

Giving Up The Perfect Life

I don’t need to be Superwoman to the world. I just need to be a good mom to my kids and a person they’ll look up to throughout their lives.

My Hands Are Full. The Best Kind Of Full.

Our hands are full of these sweet precious gifts called children whom we have the opportunity and privilege of raising up to change the world.