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Sex After Kids -with Guest Expert Dr. Erin Ross :: Just...

In this episode, Steph and Michelle discuss a "HOT" topic of many moms ...Sex After Kids.  We hear from Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Erin Ross, with tips for improving your sex life.

Simple Tips to Declutter Your Home and Life with Guest Emily...

In this episode, Steph and Michelle are discussing tips for decluttering your home and life with expert Emily Ley, founder of Simplified®, a best selling brand of planners and organizational tools for busy women.

The Best Of :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 29

In the words of our founder and your favorite podcast host, "Don't forget to JUST ADD SPRINKLES!" 2018 has been a wonderful year for the...

Stretched Too Thin :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #23

Moms with jobs feel like they can't always be present, but data shows that it is the quality of the time you spend with...

Making Summer Simple :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #15

Join Stephanie as she discusses embracing Summer and building memories with guest, Christine Meggison, contributor for Des Moines Moms Blog. On this episode, we're talking all about Summer and keeping things simple, fun and survivable for everyone - especially mom!

Coping With Infertility :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode #12

Join Stephanie and Adrienne Woods, Co-Owner of Northwest Arkansas Moms Blog, who has also struggled with her own infertility journey and learning to cope with her path to motherhood as they discuss an issue that faces nearly 7.3 million Americans.

Feeding Picky Eaters :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 11

Join Stephanie and Katja Rowell MD, who teaches the importance of a healthy feeding relationship to health care providers, family therapists and childcare staff and consults with corporate clients, nutrition education and public health providers, as they discuss feeding picky eaters.

Dressing The Post-Baby Mom Bod :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode...

Looking put together after a baby (or at any point in time with kids) can be a challenge to say the least! Jen shares some simple ways to style any body type leaving you not only feeling good, but looking good!

Intentional Planning and Goal Setting :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode...

In Episode 7, join Stephanie and Beth, City Moms Blog Network Sister Site Director and Twin Cities Moms Blog owner, as they discuss intentional planning and goal setting during their recent "Reflect & Reset Retreat"!

Celebrating Holiday Traditions :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 5

Join Stephanie and Morgan, owner of our Boston Moms Blog sister site, as they discuss holiday traditions and the various ways families celebrate the holidays.