Giving Up the Perfect Balance of Work and Mom

I thought it'd be perfect. Two days of stay at home mom life, three days in the office. I got the best of both worlds - quality time with my boys and an escape to adult world with real conversations and hot coffee. My resume didn't have gaps, and I was still developing skills in my field.

In Defense of the Mommy Brain

"Mommy Brain has made me turn into someone I don’t recognize. Mommy Brain has made me wear a shirt backwards without realizing it. No, it doesn’t JUST happen in the movies. This is real life."

Clothing Hacks for the Whole Family

Do you feel like you're constantly buying clothes for your family, but rarely yourself? I was never a total fashionista before I became a mom, but I used to care about what I wore. So here are some clothing hacks for both mom and kids to help maximize what little time and money we do still have to devote to our wardrobes.