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Quick Home Improvements to Make Life Easier

Ever dream of having a robot to clean your home or being able to control things in your home with a simple verbal command? Here are six quick home improvement projects to make a significant impact in my family's everyday routine.

Vacation vs. Adventure

"Squashing my perfectionistic type A personality is hard, but I’m working at it. Misadventures often make the best memories and stories later, right?"

Simple Steps to Save Your Child’s Life With Child-Guard

We’ve partnered with Child-Guard to bring our readers the best products in home safety.

Britax B-Ready Stroller Features You’ll Love + Giveaway

Third child gets all the hand-me-downs, right? Baby girl's crib currently has all the teeth marks from when her brother used it. Her future big-girl car-seat currently has a Mickey Mouse pin lodged into the cup holder and will not budge.