Top 11 Baby Brand Names You Probably Aren’t Saying Correctly


Maybe it’s just because we are in the mom-business, but we often wonder if we are saying some of our favorite brand partners correctly! 

It’s funny how having a baby not only ushers in a whole new set of skills to be learned, but it can also feel like you are learning a foreign language. “Braxton-Hicks,” “kegels,” “rear-facing,” “fontenelle” – the list of new vocabulary words seems endless! Along with this list of technical terms comes a whole new set of products and companies that new moms learn, yet upon first glance, it’s hard to tell if you are pronouncing them the right way or not. 

Now that we have you wondering if you ARE in fact saying them right or wrong, our City Moms Blog Network team was at the ABC Kids Expo last month and got the opportunity to ask some brands just how you pronounce their name. So without further ado…

How do you say NUK...

Pronunciation: nook

how do you say Nuk baby brand

How do you say UPPABaby...

Pronunciation: UP-pa-b-ai-b-ee

how do you say UPPAbaby baby brand

How do you say Aden and Anais...

Pronunciation: AY-DEN and ae-n-ah-EE-S

how do you say Aden and Anais baby brand

How do you say Stokke...

Pronunciation: s-t-OH-k-ee 

how do you say Stokke baby brand

How do you say Bebe au Lait...

Pronunciation: b-ee-b-ee ow lay

how do you say bebe au lait baby brand

How do you say Nuby...

Pronunciation: new-bee

how do you say Nuby baby brand

How do you say Beaba...

Pronunciation: Bae-ABA

how do you say Beaba baby brand

How do you say Britax...

Pronunciation: bri-TAX

how do you say Britax baby brand

How do you say BabyBjorn...

Pronunciation: b-ai-b-ee-B-Y-ER-N

how to say babybjorn baby brand

How do you say OXO Tot...

Pronunciation: OX-oh

how do you say OXO Tot baby brand

How do you say Medela...

Pronunciation: Meh-dee-la

How do you say Medela

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So were you saying them right after all or were you way off?


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