Top 5 Non-Candy Classroom Valentines For Kids

Non-Candy Valentines for Kids to Pass Out in their Classroom

As much as we love sharing sweet treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day, many moms (and schools) are opting for non-candy Valentines in the classroom.

Here are 5 Fun Non-Candy Classroom Valentines for Kids

1. Foam Airplanes

At roughly $12 for 28 Valentines, these Foam Airplane Valentines are a great non-candy option for your kids to bring to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their classmates this year.

2. Puzzle Flip Cube Fidget

Fidgets are all the craze in many elementary school classes.  Your kids will love passing out these puzzle flip cube fidget valentines as a great non-candy valentine option this year.

3. Glitter Flip Sequin Keychains

Kids love mermaid sequins!  That’s why these Valentines will be the hit in your kid’s classroom.

4. Slap Bracelet Valentines  

Slap bracelets are back and your kiddo can bring them in to delight their classmates this Valentine’s Day!

5. Tic-Tac-Toe Game Keychain

What kid wouldn’t love having a handheld tic-tac-toe game to play in the car or in the bus?  These are great non-candy Valentine’s options for kids.

Other Non-Candy Classroom Valentines for Kids:

Stickers – Kids love getting stickers! Pick out some fun Valentine’s Day-themed stickers to give out.

Pencils – Get some Valentine’s Day-themed pencils to give out to your students.

Bookmarks – Pick out some fun heart or Valentine’s Day-themed bookmarks to give out.

Bubbles – Bubbles are always a hit with kids! Pick out some heart-shaped or Valentine’s Day-themed bubbles.

Temporary Tattoos – Kids love temporary tattoos! Find some fun Valentine’s Day-themed ones to give out.

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