Top Money Tips Every Mom Needs to Know in 2022 | An Interview with Family Finance Mom


Join City Mom Collective’s CEO, Stephanie Flies, and the Family Finance Mom, Meghan Rabuse, and learn about her Top Money Tips for Moms.

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Is This a Good Time to Buy a House?

Wondering if now is a good or a bad time to move?
Here’s what’s happening the housing market…

10+ Elements to Build a Successful Family Finance Plan

These 10 basic financial elements should be a part of EVERY financial plan. While they may not all happen this month, my challenge to you is to pick at least ONE of these elements and complete the challenge for it each week this month, and maybe going forward as well, until you complete them all to set YOUR family’s financial plan up for success!

25+ Best Ways to Save Money

Everyone always wishes they had more money. The truth is everyone has access to at least an extra $500 in their existing family finances; you just have to know where to go look for it. Today, you’ll discover just that: the 25+ best ways to save money, each one generating $500 or more!

How to Start to Invest

Ever wonder how you are supposed to get your funds from your bank to somewhere you can actually invest?
Many of you are eager to learn about investing, but you also very clearly asked for me to start from the beginning. When it comes to investing, that means how you even get your money into an account that allows you TO invest!


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